The group received a letter of thanks from Nilek Jinchuang Primary School

Keywords: The group received a letter of thanks from Nilek Jinchuang Primary School

Recently, the group received a letter of thanks from the current Chuang Ai Primary School in Nileke County, Xinjiang, and expressed sincere gratitude to the group for its selfless assistance.

In September last year, Chairman Yu Jinkun donated 500,000 yuan to the Nileke County of Xinjiang on behalf of the group to assist in the construction of the current Bo'ai Primary School in Nileke County, Xinjiang, reflecting the Group's focus on corporate economic development while also shouldering the “feedback”. Society, fulfilling social responsibility, a sense of sacred mission. According to statistics, since the establishment of the group in 1988, it has donated nearly 60 million yuan to the society in various activities such as helping the poor, demonstrating justice, earthquake relief, and donating money.

Nileke County Jinchuang Boai Primary School (formerly Nileke County, Subutai Primary School in Xinjiang) was established earlier, school buildings are simple, equipment, teaching aids and other equipment are not perfect, teachers' basic teaching conditions and children's basic learning conditions There is no fundamental guarantee. This donation made the school look new, effectively improved the teaching and learning conditions of teachers and students, improved the children's interest in learning, and promoted the quality of school education.

(Administration Department)

Thank you letter

Dear Leader of the Founding Group:

Hello! First of all, on behalf of the majority of the fathers and villages of Subutai Township in Nileke County, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the leaders and people who have led the leaders! I wish you all good health, smooth work, happy family and good luck!

Education aids Xinjiang to write great love, Zeliu and Yuanmu. It is your assistance that has improved the conditions for running schools in the mountains and created a new situation in our school's history. It is your love that has given long-lasting moisturization of the long-lost seedlings. Every passing, every touch, is a kindly love, and the heart of thanks is inexhaustible. This is higher than the mountains, deeper affection than the sea, we will never forget! We will reward your love donations with excellent work performance and academic achievements!

A thousand words are always love, can't write thank you, please accept our high respect and sincere thanks! We are convinced that with your care and help, the education in our hometown will flourish and tomorrow will be even better!

Nileke County Jinchuang Boai Primary School



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