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The company cooperates with Nantangqiao Primary School to hold joint educational activities "Heart of the alma mater"

Keywords: The company cooperates with Nantangqiao Primary School to hold joint educational activities "Heart of the alma mater"

The company cooperates with Nantangqiao Primary School to hold joint educational activities

On October 28th, the joint education activities of KTK-Nantangqiao Primary School were held in the company. Chairman Yu Jinkun donated 100,000 yuan of education fund to Nantangqiao Primary School on behalf of the company, and sent new books and stationery to all students. This is the first school-enterprise joint education activity organized by enterprises in the history of Wujin for the first time. The effect is significant. Lu Yafen, deputy head of Wujin District, Qian Jianzhong, secretary of Wujin District Education Bureau, Feng Hui, head of Yaoguan Town, secretaries of relevant village committee, all primary and secondary school principals of Yaoguan Town, teachers and students of Nantangqiao Primary School, parents representatives, company executives, about 700 people and leaders, participated in the event. Liu Tuan, the delegation of the Working Committee of the Township Political Association and the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, , presided over the meeting.

For the first time, the company's production plant area welcomed the teachers and students and parents representatives of Nantangqiao Primary School. All the students took the class as the team and visited the company's main products and model cars in an orderly manner. The spectacular production scene inspired the children's strong interest. The scene of the visit was orderly, and the children’s energetic spirit also infected every employee at the production site.

At the conference, the Chairman of the Board, Yu Jinkun, shared his own story of learning and entrepreneurial experience. The words are filled with respects and thanksgiving towards the teachers. He used his personal experience to teach the children to cherish the hard-won happy life. I hope that the children must be determined from a young age, establish a lofty ideal, study diligently, strive for success with wisdom and hard work, and must not forget the sense of responsibility of the society. The school and parents strengthen communication, innovative educational thinking, and promote children to grow healthier under the supervision and education of both the family and the school.

Nantangqiao Primary School is the mother school of Yu. It was built in 1911 and has a history of 100 years. The scale has been expanding and the teaching staff has been increasing. In order to better support the development of the alma mater, Yu donated 100,000 yuan of education funds. He hoped that under the unity and hard work of all the teachers and students, the alma mater would be more distinctive, cultivate more high-quality talents, and fulfill the satisfaction of the people, making the education of Yaoguan Town more prosperous. President Xiao Xiaoguo of Tang Xiao introduced the development and progress of the school. He thanked Yu, the leaders of the Education Bureau and all the social parties for their help in running the school. He hoped that Tang Xiao and KTK would strengthen the cooperation between schools and enterprises and unite all parties to improve education. Subsequently, the teacher representative Zhu Yan and the student representative Chen Hao took the stage to speak on the platform. Thanks to Yu for his support over the education, he said that he will work hard and live up to expectations.

The school-enterprise joint education activities were supported by many parties. The Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Yaoguan Town, Feng Hui, the mayor of the Wujin District Education Bureau, and the deputy head of Wujin District, Lu Yafen, delivered speeches. They said that education alone cannot be done well on the one hand, and that family and society are indispensable. Yu is a benchmark in social assistance. After listening to Chairman Yu Jinkun’s earnest hopes for students, teachers and schools, all the staff on the scene admired him. He was deeply touched by his selfless dedication, caring teachers and students, and the lofty morality of supporting education. It is said that we will be moved to action, and in the future, we will continue to improve our content, improve quality, and work together for the development of education in Yaoguan Town.



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