Another Mid-Autumn Festival: I am doing my show.

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Keywords: Another Mid-Autumn Festival: I am doing my show.
"Mid-Autumn Festival reunion night, today's talent show talent"

On September 22nd, Jinchuang Holding Group held the finals of the “I am the show, the star of the present”, and 16 wonderful programs were staged in turn. More than 50 famous “Gaizi” live performances, bringing wonderful talents to everyone. At the same time, the sense of humanity care. Yu Jinkun, Chairman of the Board of Directors, came to the scene to cheer the players.

After fierce competition and the judges carefully and meticulously scored, the competition finally selected the first, second and third prizes.

Mid-Autumn Festival is a wonderful time for family reunion. Many employees of Jinchuang Holding Group come from other places. For the sake of this development, you will abandon your family reunion and make a silent contribution. Here, the group will say a happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you, thank you for your quiet efforts in this creation, and wish you good health and good luck. The Group will continue to care for and support the development of its employees, so that everyone can feel the warmth of this big family.



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